Hongkong official Carrie apologize


HongKong official Carrie apologize. Lam , issued a rare apology on Sunday for her handling of an extradition bill, but failed to withdraw the proposal when protests broke out in the city.

A government spokesman said Lam’s handling of the bill had caused “major controversies and disputes in society, which caused disappointment and pain.”

Hongkong official Carrie apologize #usinnews
Carriie Lam

Lam “apologized to the people of Hong Kong for this and pledged to adopt a more sincere and humble attitude to accept criticism and make improvements in the service to the public,” the statement added.


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Hundreds of thousands of black-clad protesters marched through Hong Kong, demanding that Lam withdraw the account and then withdraw.

The protesters held signs saying “Hong Kong stands firm” and “Hong Kong says no” as they passed under palm trees and high-rise buildings.

The protests came after Lam suspended a bill that would allow suspects to be prosecuted in China. The protesters say that pausing the bill is not enough. They insist that the bill be scrapped. They say that an extradition agreement with China would undermine Hong Kong’s independence and freedom of expression.
“If you press the pause button, you can press the play button at any time,” said a woman who asked to be identified only as Felicia for fear of reprisals. “I wanted the government to press the stop button and, forever, stop this.”

The afflicted hold flowers on Sunday and pray for a man who died after hanging a protest banner against an extradition bill in Hong Kong on Sunday, June 16, 2019.

When Britain relinquished its control over Hong Kong in 1997, China agreed to maintain Hong Kong’s independent system for 50 years. But Beijing has gradually eroded that separation.

Anthony Kuhn of NPR reports that the Communist Party of China has a philosophy completely different from the common law system of Hong Kong.

“The party often criticizes the Western notions of judicial independence and separation of powers, forced confessions and torture are a persistent problem, despite legal reforms.Police has enormous powers, compared to the courts. China’s legal culture has emphasized the law as a tool for rulers to punish wrongdoers, rather than a way to protect individual rights. “

Opposition legislator Claudia Mo told reporters that she was protesting because “there is no fair trial, there is no guaranteed humanitarian punishment on the continent.”

Kuhn says that Hong Kong residents have protested China’s movements to exercise more influence several times in the past two decades. Kuhn notes that in 2003, residents protested national security legislation. In 2014, the Hong Kong protesters unsuccessfully tried to resist the Beijing investigation of all the candidates for the main office in Hong Kong.

That 2014 “Umbrella Revolution” attracted protesters to the streets for two months, but eventually began to scuttle when authorities ignored their demands, Frank Langfitt of NPR reported. Hong Kong authorities arrested hundreds of protesters and organizers convicted of illegal assembly.

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