Crowd on streets of Hongkong- NO CHINA EXTRADITION


Crowd on streets of Hongkong of over an million

An estimated crowd of more than 1 million took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday to express opposition to legislation that would allow China to extradite mainland China in the most massive protests since Britain relinquished control of the city in 1997.

The crowds that ran through the high-rise streets represented a cross section of the city’s residents: small children, students, families pushing strollers, elderly people with walking sticks and professionals, many of them singing “go Hong Kongers” and ” there is no extradition China. ” there is no perverse law “and demand that Beijing discard the legislation for its debate on Wednesday in the Legislative Council.


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The organizers estimated the army of protesters at more than one million, which would represent one in seven residents of the city, but Chinese officials rejected the crowd as some 240,000 people at the top of the protests.

The demonstrators not only spoke against the extradition law, but also about the lack of transparency in the government and the continuous erosion of their personal rights towards an increasingly repressive China.

“This is the last fight in Hong Kong.” The proposal is the most dangerous threat to our freedoms and way of life since the surrender, said Martin Lee, an activist who helped establish the Hong Kong Democratic Party, on Wall Street. Journal

Lee Cheuk-yan, one of the activists, said that the future of Hong Kong is at stake.

“The people of Hong Kong want to protect our freedom, our freedom of expression, our rule of law, our judicial system and also our economic base, which is welcome to international investors,” he said. “If international investors lose confidence in Hong Kong because of this evil law, then Hong Kong, economically, would also be destroyed.”


crowd on streets of HongKong, The protests, which stretched along six-lane roads and forced the closure of train stations, were almost peaceful during the day, but cases of violence erupted around midnight when protesters clashed with police in the Legislative Council .
Participation surpassed the 2003 protests that involved some 500,000 people who demonstrated against a national security law that was later withdrawn.

Carrie Lam, executive director of Hong Kong, promised to approve the extradition bill by the end of the month despite criticism from human rights groups and business associations.

Lam has described the need for legislation to close a gap that allows people to evade punishment and prevent Hong Kong from becoming a “refuge for international fugitives.”

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