woman chained in basement of Niagara Falls house


Cops were on a lookout for a suspect in case of woman chained in basement of a house in Niagara

A suspect was arrested Monday after police found a woman chained inside the basement of a house in Niagara Falls, according to a report.

Michael Ciskiewic, 25, was arrested around 7 p.m. and accused of kidnapping and rape after the woman was discovered in the basement after a one-hour search by police on Sunday, according to Buffalo’s WIVB television.


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It was believed that Ciskiewic was inside a house that was pumped by the police on Sunday. Once the police entered after a 12-hour confrontation, they realized there was no one there.

The police then received a call from the woman’s family, reporting her disappearance.

A K-9 unit was sent to follow a blood trail, which took a few houses away. Once there, the police found the woman chained in the basement, where she had been for approximately 13 hours.

The woman was in stable condition and was recovering at a local hospital on Monday night.

woman chained in basement
Michael Ciskiewic

Ciskiewic is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.
A woman was found chained inside the basement of a house in Niagara Falls, starting a chase for her alleged captor, police said.

The cops initially responded to a report of an assault on a house in the 3000 block of Monroe Avenue on Sunday morning, which resulted in a 12-hour confrontation before the police realized that the suspect, Michael Ciskiewic I was not inside, said the police to the Niagara Gazette.

The officers cleaned the house after breaking the windows and using tear gas, but only a trace of blood and broken glass was found inside, reports the WIVB.

Detective Captain Kelly Rizzo said Niagara Falls police began receiving calls from the family of the woman who reported that she had disappeared and that she finally used a hound to track her to a few houses away.

The cops and K-9 stained blood near the back door of the second house before the woman was discovered chained in the basement. But Ciskiewic was nowhere to be found, police said.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, was taken to Eric County Medical Center after being rescued. She was well on Monday early after the test, Rizzo told the newspaper.

Calls for comments from Rizzo were not immediately answered on Monday, but a police source told The Post that no arrests had been made.

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