An Angry/Dissatisfied city employee shot and killed 12 people and wounded four others on Friday when he opened fire on a Virginia Beach municipal building before police killed him, officials said Friday.


DeWayne Craddock, 40, was a long-time public service worker who made multiple purchases with firearms in recent weeks, officials told the Wall Street Journal. The police did not reveal the name of the suspect or describe a possible motive for the attack.
Four people were operated on Friday night, said Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera.

The alleged shooter was killed in a shootout with police officers. A police officer was also injured, but was saved by his bulletproof vest, said Cervera.

“I can tell you that it was a long shoot-out between those four officers and that suspect,” Cervera said.
Authorities said through social networks that they believed there was only one shooter involved in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, which houses more than 400 workers. The White House said that President Trump had been informed and was monitoring the situation.

As the dramatic event unfolded, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam urged his constituents to stay away from the area and comply with police warnings in a tweet on Friday.
The shooting occurred shortly after 4 p.m. when the suspect entered the Building 2 of the center and “immediately began to shoot indiscriminately on all the victims,” ​​Cervera said. The building houses departments such as planning, public works and public services, and employees left the building crying, and some of them needed medical assistance.

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