Trump’s 2020 campaign kicks off

Trump's 2020 campaign

The kick off meeting of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign marks the beginning of Republican organizing efforts in Michigan, a crucial state for Trump’s re-election effort.

Michigan Republican Party President Laura Cox said the Trump’s 2020 campaign will be fundamentally different from the last election, reinforced by a $ 40.7 million war chest, no main rival and more volunteers on the ground earlier. Cox said Michigan is a “bound to win” state, and the Republican National Committee will open a field office in Michigan this summer to begin organizing grassroots support across the state
“We will have many more people than we have had in a previous cycle for a presidential race,” said Cox. “We are in the year of rest and we are laying the groundwork, we are planting a flag.”

Trump officially went to re-election the day after his inauguration and held campaign-style rallies across the country since taking office in 2017, but announced Tuesday’s rally in Orlando, Florida, as the true start of his campaign. of reelection. The Michigan Republican Party organized 20 surveillance parties throughout the state and trained volunteer organizers at the party headquarters in Lansing.


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“We observed the unholy alliance of lobbyists, donors and special interests that earned their lives by bleeding our country,” Trump said. “The swamp is fighting so cruelly and violently, for the last two and a half years, we have been under siege.”

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With a little help from the crowd as the rally continued, Trump seemed to settle into a new slogan for the campaign: “Keep America big.”

He continued to promote the economy and the planned Space Force, celebrating the “destruction” of ISIS and declaring that “Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift of God” in the midst of a new pro-life national movement.

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