Republican congressman Duncan Hunter wife will plead guilty


The wife of Republican congressman Duncan Hunter wife will plead guilty in a federal case in which she and her husband were accused of using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses and submit false campaign records.

Margaret Hunter is scheduled to change her guilty plea at a hearing in federal court in San Diego on Thursday. A spokeswoman for the United States attorney’s office refused to provide further information. Margaret Hunter’s lawyers did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Duncan Hunter wife will plead guilty
Margaret Hunter Duncan hunter’s wife

Duncan Hunter will not change his guilty plea, according to his lawyer.


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“We are aware that Mrs. Hunter is scheduling a hearing to change her guilty plea,” said Greg Vega. “At the moment, that does not change anything about Congressman Hunter. There are still important movements that need to be litigated. “

Hunter had blamed his wife for the corruption charges, and told Fox News in an interview that she handled the couple’s finances. He also blamed a conspiracy of “deep state”.
It is not clear if Margaret Hunter intends to take the blame or cooperate with prosecutors in her change of guilty plea.

Hunter and his wife are accused of spending almost $ 250,000 in campaign funds for personal items, including tuition for their children’s private school, luxury dinners and vacations.

Hunter was one of Donald Trump’s first supporters in Congress in 2016. He represents District 50 of the California Congress, which covers the southern part of the state, particularly parts of San Diego and Riverside counties. He was re-elected last year despite his accusation.

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