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sikh man #usinnews

Sikh man from San Diego, California, posted a one-year photo, thought it was worth sharing. June, after all, is the month of pride. And Jiwandeep Kohli wanted to celebrate with a picture of him wearing a custom-made rainbow turban. Then Kohli put the photo on Twitter on Saturday, the first day of the month. “I’m proud to be a bearded bisexual and a brains scientist,” he wrote.

sikh man #usinnews
sikh man courtesy Jiwandeep kohli

“I feel fortunate to be able to express all these aspects of my identity and I will continue working to guarantee the same freedom for others.” The response was immediate. He obtained thousands of retweets, including one that stood out, from a former president of the United States.

“You have a lot to be proud of, Jiwandeep,” Barack Obama wrote. “Thank you for everything you do to make this country a little more equal, the turban looks great, by the way, happy month of pride, everyone!” It was Tuesday. A day later, Kohli is still on the moon. “It was an incredible honor to be recognized by the former president and, honestly, I am still processing it,” said the doctoral candidate in clinical psychology.


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“It left me speechless, but it also reinforced that (the photo) was worth publishing.” Your tweet continues to pile up – 126,000 and counting. People on Twitter are also sharing messages of support: they love the turban, which he himself designed, and his own stories. Kohli hopes that his growing platform will allow him to continue promoting social change. “I will aim to stay as visible as possible,” he said.

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