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President Trump New rules implemented by government where Trump has repeatedly said he wants more people to stop receiving government assistance and join the workforce so they can be self-sufficient. To help do that, he issued an executive order last year to reduce poverty “by promoting opportunities and economic mobility.”

In it, Trump called on federal agencies to modernize existing social assistance programs, strengthen work requirements and ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent on “those who really need it.”

But advocates of the fight against poverty say that the government’s proposals will hurt, rather than help, poor Americans. They say it will be more difficult for those who try to be self-sufficient by denying them food, shelter and medical assistance when they need it most.


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They are really trying to use all the agencies to make life more difficult for low-income people, “says Elizabeth Lower-Basch, director of income and employment support at the Center for Law and Social Policy.

Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition for Human Needs, which represents about 100 anti-poverty groups throughout the country, believes that the volume of proposals addressed to the safety net is “a turn of the head”.

These are President trump new rules and proposals and their actual status:

Food aid:
The Department of Agriculture has called for stricter enforcement of the requirement that healthy adults work, volunteer or receive job training for at least 20 hours a week to continue receiving their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, or coupons of food, after three months.


Payday loans :
The Office of Consumer Financial Protection has proposed to rescind an Obama-era regulation that would require payday lenders to determine if a borrower has the ability to repay the loan. That regulation, which the Trump government has delayed until next year, was intended to prevent low-income borrowers from being burdened with rising debt because payday loans can have annual interest rates of 300% or plus

Immigration :
The Department of Homeland Security has proposed limiting the ability of immigrants to obtain green cards if they receive government benefits, such as SNAP or housing assistance. The administration says it is enforcing the existing law, which seeks to block immigrants who may need assistance and become a “public charge.” But immigrant rights groups say the proposed change would affect not only immigrants, but also members of families who are US citizens. Social service providers across the country report that they have already seen a large drop in the number of immigrant families who sign up for assistance, including Medicaid and SNAP, because of fears that it may hurt their efforts to obtain green cards or become citizens The comment period on the proposed rule ended in December.

President Trump New rules
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