The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico says that they are ready to work with other Latin American countries to stop the flow of migrants.
Marcelo Ebrard also said that they will try to reinforce their southern border to achieve the rapid reduction of migrants demanded by the president of the United States, Donald Trump.


Mexico has 45 days to reduce the number of migrants going to the United States who cross their territory, or who face US tariffs.
Although no specific objective has been established, Mr. Ebrard said that these measures would be evaluated in mid-July.
Is there a crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico?
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If the number had not dropped by then, there would be discussions with Brazil, Panama and Guatemala, the countries that currently use migrants as transit points.

Purchase time’
Ebrard said the agreement reached with the United States on Friday after days of “the most difficult negotiations” gave Mexico time to show that it could succeed in reducing the number of migrants.

He said that the US negotiators had wanted Mexico to commit to “zero migrants” to cross its territory, but according to Mr. Ebrard, that was “mission impossible”.
Mr. Ebrard said that the US side also wanted to designate Mexico as a “safe third country,” which would have required Mexico to accept asylum seekers heading to the United States and process their applications in their own territory.

The Foreign Minister said that, for the time being, he had avoided that measure: “We told them that I think it was the most important achievement of the negotiations.” Let’s establish a period of time to see if what Mexico proposes will work and if not , we will sit down and we will see what additional measures are necessary “.
Mexico said it would deploy its National Guard across the country as of Monday, with 6,000 additional troops sent to its southern border with Guatemala.
How do we get here?
The illegal border crossings in the northern border of Mexico with the USA. UU They have increased again after reaching the lowest level in the first year in the position of the President of the USA. UU Donald Trump.
In February, Trump declared an emergency at the US-Mexico border, saying it was necessary to face what he described as a crisis.

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