Roy Moore can’t win Trump said


Trump Says Alabama’s Roy Moore Can’t Win, But Moore Is Running Again Anyway.The former president of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy Moore, announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the US Senate on Thursday. He lost the special election of 2017 to the Democrat Doug Jones after multiple complaints of sexual assault and harassment against him surfaced.

Roy Moore can't win

Given the disdain of the national Republicans and against the advice of President Trump, the controversial judge Roy Moore of Alabama announced on Thursday that he will return to run for the Senate in 2020, after losing a winning race for the Republican Party because accusations of aggression arose sexual behavior and misconduct against adolescents. For decades.

Those multiple accusations, which Moore has bluntly denied, led the Christian nationalist candidate to lose the December 2017 special election to Democrat Doug Jones by 1.5 percentage points, just over a year after Trump overtook Alabama in 28 points
But at a press conference in Montgomery, which began with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the former Alabama judge was defiant and blamed the “false flag” attacks of the Democrats who spread misinformation about his narrow loss .


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Instead, she said, the multiple accusations by women that Moore had romantically persecuted them when they were teenagers when she was 30 had “little impact” on the outcome, and the Republicans in Washington were too afraid of her conservatism and her adherence to the Constitution.

“Yes, I will run for the United States Senate in 2020,” said Moore. “Can I win? Yes, I can, I can not only, they know I can, that’s why there is so much opposition.”

When asked what he would do differently during this campaign, Moore said he “would like to make more personal contact with people.”

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