India Pakistan World Cup match

India pakistan World Cup match is on It is not clear when the cutting time is, but we must be very close.
“Am I the only Indian fan who feels a lack of emotion for this efficient Indian team that wins games by relentlessly executing a game plan?” Asks Fahd Mashood. “I miss the magic and despair of the days when Sehwag came out and did what he felt with a big silly smile on his face, regardless of what the coach and the captain asked him to do in the locker room five minutes earlier. of toning six sizes like Yuvaraj, this team would probably knock down the last two balls after having reached its mini target from the first four balls.

I could even take the dark days of the nineties when we had a mediocre team united by the genius of Sachin and Kumble. Because that more accurately represents our country. A few bright lights in a sea of ​​mediocrity, and mostly many things completely inexplicable to anyone who is not an Indian. Not this bunch of cold-hearted winners. “
Hard to please! Turn it around, I say. This is an excellent cricket team.
The big covers also come. This does not look good in terms of a significant restart. Wasim Akram on TV, who played here for a decade at Lancs, has no hope either. The Cricket Ground DJ (my work one day) plays Purple Rain.
“This Indian team is really very good, right?” Says Colum Farrelly. “The best team in the competition so far? Australia are dark horses. England could suffer because it was too much talked about in the press. “
I would not worry if England listened to the press, etc. They are a very well organized team, very well managed as well. But to its first point: yes, India is quite bright. The way they hit today makes it look so easy and it is not.

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