Encephalitis killed 100 children IN BIHAR INDIA


Encephalitis killed 100 children IN INDIA, A recent outbreak in eastern India since June, according to authorities, and more than 430 more required hospitalization. The outbreak, which affected children in Bihar in India, sparked political protests in front of a hospital where patients are being treated, and villagers say the state’s chief minister ignored the problem until the death toll reached 100.

Encephalitis killed 100 children

Thousands of people in India suffer from encephalitis, malaria, typhoid fever and other mosquito-borne diseases each year during the summer monsoon season, and children under 15 are the most vulnerable, according to the Associated Press. Left-wing political organizations have accused the Bihar government of not being proactive enough to prevent disease.
“This acute encephalitis syndrome has been recurrent in Bihar and the government has not taken any action, and who is dying? They are the children of the very poor,” said Mariam Dhawale, of the All-India Women’s Association of Democrats. .
“In the last two days, no child in this hospital has recovered,” he told the BBC. “All of them have died. Did I grow this girl thoroughly just to watch her die like this?

Despite the high death toll, health officials said the death rate among children due to encephalitis had declined from 34 percent to 26.5 percent in the past year. Doctors also suggest that related diseases may be contributing to the deaths, including a large number of children who allegedly die of hypoglycemia.


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The National Human Rights Commission of India notified the Ministry of Health of the Union and the government of Bihar of the outbreak due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. Officials said most of the children have become ill during the outbreak that has killed 103 so far.
The human rights commission, however, noted a “failure” in the administration of vaccines that led to increased deaths.

“The commission has observed that despite the informed measures taken by government agencies, the deaths of children in such large numbers indicate a possible failure in the proper implementation of vaccination and awareness programs,” the commission said in a statement. Monday.

“Not only vaccination, but all precautionary measures, such as cleanliness and hygiene, etc., must also be taken with sincerity to ensure that young children are not victims of the deadly disease. of the victim. “Children and their families, since the State seems to have failed to protect innocent youth.”

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