Congress working president to share Rahul Gandhi workload if he resigns

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Who would be the congress working president if Rahul Gandhi didn’t take back his resignation. The penumbra hangs heavily on 24 Akbar Road, Delhi. Rahul Gandhi remains adamant and has refused to withdraw his resignation as president of Congress. Following the great victory of Lok Sabha 2019 of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress seems to drift, without a rudder, completely on the sea.

Congress working president

The beating among the courtiers of the Congress gathered at the party headquarters has not stopped since May 25, when Rahul Gandhi had made the surprise announcement. Exhortations to stay and not jump off the ship has waxed and waned.
The reports emanating from the Congress party point to the appointment of a sitting president, an idea discussed by some high-level leaders. The new designee will take some work from the shoulders of Rahul Gandhi. While the acting president can take care of the daily work, Rahul can focus on the big picture and try to rejuvenate the party.

Here are some possible candidates for congress working president


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Sachin Pilot
A favorite, according to many congressional observers. There are many things for him. It is articulated, it is rooted and, more than anything, it has political capital.
He has the age of his side; At age 41 you can connect with youth. The old guard will see him benignly, since he is the son of the Congress unconditional, the deceased pilot of Rajesh.
He has also delivered. Since 2013, when he was sent to Rajasthan to rebuild the Congress, he remained true to his work. He was the ministerial head of the party who entered the assembly elections of 2018. He handed Rajasthan to Congress, but saw that Ashok Gehlot was offering the chair of the chief minister.

Ashok Gehlot
Although Rajig Gandhi criticized him for promoting his son Vaibhav instead of working for the party, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot still has many things in his favor. On the one hand, he is seen as the man of Ahmed Patel. Patel, as we all know, is the confidante of Sonia Gandhi.
Gehlot has acceptability throughout the game. He is on good terms with regional satraps such as Captain Amarinder Singh, Kamal Nath and Ashok Chavan. He is seen as a man of hard core organization. In addition to being head of government and deputy, Gehlot has held several positions, including the chairman of the Pradesh Congress Committee and the general secretary of All India Congress Working.

Jyotiraj scindia
Member of the Rahul brigade, the son of Scindia has the ears of his teacher. He does not have much political weight, so it would be a consolation for the Gandhi-Nehru family.
But a disastrous election of Lok Sabha has reduced his actions. Not only did the Congress in Uttar Pradesh go badly, Scindia was in charge of the Western UP, but she lost her family in the municipality of Guna.

Priyanka Gandhi
By far, the perfect choice for the Gandhi-Nehru family. Having spent almost all their political life under a dynastic government, the leaders of Congress would welcome the status quo of another Gandhi as their leader.
Priyanka Gandhi has much in his favor. He is young, has an easy charm and connects with the workers of the aam. The best thing is that the power stays with the family.
But she? Until the recent elections of Lok Sabha, it was considered a reticent policy, which preferred only the canvas in the electoral districts of Mother Sonia and Brother Rahul. Would you be willing to become a full-time policy?

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