Sr. Bachchan (AMITABH BACHCHAN) MEGA STAR OF INDIA, Known well for his movies and courteous tasks wrote on his tumbler blog “A promise made done .. the farmers from Bihar that had outstanding loans , picked 2100 of them and paid off their amount with a OTS with the Bank .. called some of them over to Janak and personally gave it to them .. at the hands of Shweta and Abhishek ..

The movie icon had previously written that “there is a gift for those who suffer from the inability to pay the loans, now they are from the state of Bihar.”

AMITABH BACHCHAN also wrote on his Tumblr blog there is another promise to be completed .. to the family and wives of the brave hearts that sacrificed their lives for the Country, at Pulwama , a small gesture of financial aid .. true ‘shaheeds’ .. 

It’s also in news that Sr. Bachchan twitter account is hacked, he wrote on his blog the Twitter ji is not allowing me to post or open it .. it says unusual activity is being seen so change somethings .. I did .. nothing has happened .

The group also tweeted the link of its ‘official’ Instagram page, though unverified, writing “We are waiting for your support.”

“We have informed our cyber unit and Maharashtra Cyber about *hacked* Twitter account of @SrBachchan. They are investigating the matter. Further updates awaited,” the Mumbai Police spokesperson told PTI.

The same group had previously hacked Twitter accounts of actors Shahid Kapoor and Anupam Kher among others.

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